Love For Life Program – Oscar

Oscar has been in his forever home since March 2017.

“Hi, my name is Oscar. I am 8 years old. I love playing with my ball, going on car rides, and getting brushed by my foster parents Brandon and Alicia. I really dislike getting a bath or playing in water, and I HATE being alone. Whenever my mom is in the shower, I have to lay up against the tub, waiting for her to get out. If she takes too long I whine. She has to know when it’s me time again! Whenever my parents try to give me just dry food for dinner, I give them the “this is a joke, right?” look. When I first got to my home, I would fake limp if I didn’t get my way. It worked for the first week and then mom caught on. I still try to do is occasionally. I sometimes run into doors and walls. I follow my parents everywhere they go. Why would I give them an opportunity to go to the bathroom without me?! I love any kind of treat I can get. My parents had to put me on a “diet”. Whatever that means. I love going to the park and out to stores but my parents need an XL service vest for me. They would also like blue alcohol ear cleaner for my continuous ear infections.”

Update 4/2019 – Great news! Oscar has been adopted by his foster family. We couldn’t be happier.