Love For Life Program – Stetson

Stetson has been in the Love For Life program since June 2017.

“Stetson was surrendered by his owners for being rough with the children. He didn’t understand what was happening and afraid when his owner walked out the door of the county surrender room, he panicked and was instantly labeled ‘dangerous.’ He was just a puppy (6 months old) and on the euthanasia list the day he arrived at MCACC. Of course, euthanasia of a puppy was not going to happen with Trish around.

Stetson was not doing well in the doghouse and after watching him struggle for a couple of days, I asked if he could come and stay with our pack. I wanted to see if this puppy could learn to be safe. Fast forward almost 2 years and we are still working to provide him what he needs to feel safe in environments outside his home with us. We have worked with several trainers and all have concluded that Stetson has some cognitive impairments coupled with his past history of potential abuse at a young age that affect his way of learning. He is the most loving marshmallow when he is with those few he trusts – playful, happy, loving and joyful. With others he is still learning but we are making progress. The SPR Team made the decision to add Stetson to the Love for Life program last month [June 2017]. We continue to work daily on his learning and fears. Although 4 GSD under the age of 5 can make life on a daily basis a bit nuts, Stetson brings us smiles and laughter and our commitment to providing him a forever foster home remains our goal.”

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