About Our Rescue

Love For Life Program - Stetson and Shadow

In 2012 Trisha Houlihan, a volunteer at the local county animal control shelter, was saddened by the volume of German Shepherd Dogs being listed for euthanasia. She recognized there were very little resources for the rescue of this breed, so she created a place for them – Saving Paws Rescue Arizona, a place that would be a safe harbor for German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois Dogs.

What started out as a small group of volunteers using foster homes and boarding facilities has grown into a rescue saving more than 200 dogs every year. Unfortunately, the demand for homes for abandoned dogs continues. Saving Paws Rescue Arizona operates through private donations and charitable grants received to help these special dogs. Saving Paws Rescue Arizona is a 100% volunteer run organization. Their dedication helps make it all possible. They foster dogs, care for dogs, transport dogs, perform administrative tasks and give freely of their skills and talents. Saving Paws Rescue Arizona does not believe that behavioral, medical or age are should be an automatic death sentence and will often take those that others will not.

Meet our volunteers

Executive Director/Founder
Trisha H.


Adoption Coordinators
Manan D.

Foster Dog Coordinator
Mary H.


Grant and Administration
Charis W.
Susan P.

Photographer and Fundraising
Michelle F.


Social Media Coordinators
Michelle F.

Web Administrators
Gina D.
Kevin B.

Volunteer Coordinator
Liz E.