Love For Life Program

Love For Life (LFL) is a program within Saving Paws Rescue Arizona and was launched in March of 2016. The program was created when a need was identified for our long-timers to be placed in permanent, loving homes. Our goal is to save dogs that would likely be considered unadoptable and at high risk for euthanasia due to age, health or behavior. We strive to care for these dogs through their senior years, disease processes or physical or behavioral rehabilitation by providing for their veterinary, physical and emotional care. Dogs are placed in loving foster homes until their rehabilitation process is complete, or dependent upon circumstances, may remain in a forever foster home or the rescue center sanctuary until the end of their lives. If you’re interested in helping our Love For Life dogs, you can apply to become a forever foster or sponsor an individual dog or the program.

Forever Fostered

Learn more about Love For Life dogs already living in their forever homes and how you can help support them.






Become a Love For Life Sponsor

Expenses for each dog in the Love For Life Program run between $50 to over $100 a month for food, medicine and other essential supplies. We are seeking sponsors so we can keep this wonderful program going. Sponsors of the LFL program can choose to help out by signing up for monthly donations or a one-time donation. Every penny counts, and every penny is appreciated! Your recurring monthly donation means, together, we can support our forever foster dogs for the rest of their lives in a loving home. To learn more, visit our Love For Life Sponsorship page.

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