“Nothing is as strong as the heart of a volunteer”

The goal of our volunteer program is to engage compassionate German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois dog lovers – just like you! Volunteers are the key to our success and we need you to help us in our mission to promote the rescue, adoption and well-being of our dogs. We are dedicated to saving the lives of those that others won’t. We help the sick, old, and those that have run out of options. We’re certain that we will have a volunteer area that works great for you and your schedule. Quality time with the dogs has a positive and long-lasting effect on their well-being. Show your compassion. Volunteer today!

Below you will find some common questions we receive about volunteering. Our organization operates by volunteers, so please allow for 5 days for your application to be processed.  We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you.

Current SPRAZ Open Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Role Description Days available
House cleaning volunteer SPR has openings for house cleaners that focus on the daily needs to clean our rescue center. Mopping, vacuuming, cleaning dishes and laundry are part of the regular routine. Tuesday, Friday & Saturday mornings 2-3 hours anytime from 6 am – noon
Experienced dog enrichment/socialization volunteer SPR is dedicated to GSD and Belgian Malinois. This is a strong and intelligent dog. SPRAZ is looking for experienced volunteers that can walk, socialize, groom and work on basic obedience skills. Monday, Friday & Saturday mornings 2-3 hours anytime from 6 am – noon Monday – Wednesday, Friday evenings 2-3 hours anytime from 4:30 – 8 pm & Saturday mornings from 6 am – 11 am
Kennel Maintenance The SPR Kennel Crew works directly with the dogs to ensure that they have a clean and safe environment to live in. Volunteer activities include kennel cleaning, operating power washer and moving dogs in and out of kennel for cleaning and feeding. All mornings available. Start time can be between 4:30 – 5:30 am daily
Grant Writer / Networking volunteer Volunteer(s) to help with applying for funding from various institutions. This will include writing, editing and submitting proposals. In addition, seeking volunteer(s) to help with building connections for supplies needed at the new SPR building. Ad hoc

Frequently Asked Questions About Volunteering

Where are you located?

We currently have two locations that we are accepting volunteer applications at: the Dog Ranch and our boarding location. The Dog Ranch is located in Desert Hills (north of the Carefree Highway and west of 7th Ave). We are looking for volunteers to help with three shifts: 6pm, noon and 6pm. While here, volunteers can help with feeding puppies and our adult dogs, walking, and cleaning kennels. Our other location is the boarding facility in Phoenix (202 and 40th Street). At the boarding facilities, volunteers can spend time walking the dogs, playing during yard time, bathing, etc.

What can I do to volunteer?

We know our volunteers are the happiest when they are matched with a volunteer activity that interests them. We have many ways in which you can volunteer. Although many of our volunteer opportunities are at our center in North Glendale, we do have opportunities in locations around the valley:

  • House and facility cleaning
  • Dog enrichment/socialization (walking, playing, grooming and obedience skill work)
  • Kennel crew
  • Transportation with personal vehicle (taking dogs to the vet, picking up dogs at other locations, donation pick up)
  • Administrative and office work
  • Event and fundraising (event set up, tear down and booth management

What are the hours for volunteering?

For those volunteering at our Dog House Rescue Center, the hours are:

Morning Volunteers:

  • Monday – Saturday, 5:00 am – noon
  • Sunday, 6:00 am – noon

Evening Volunteers:

  • Daily from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Is there a required number of hours I have to volunteer?

SPRAZ understands that volunteers have families and jobs, so some period may be harder than others to get volunteer hours in. SPRAZ asks that volunteers are able to provide eight hours of service per month for a minimum six month period.

Can I volunteer if I’m under 18 years old?

Due to the nature of the size and breed of the dogs we work with, our liability insurance does not allow us to accept volunteers under 18 years of age. There are still ways for young people to help our dogs. Children and teens are encouraged to think about other ways in which they can help. Ideas such as:

  • Fundraising drives at your school, boy or girl scout club
  • Collecting items from friends and family to donate from the SPR Wish List
  • Have your birthday party be a dog toy collection event with guests bringing a toy to donate instead of a gift. If you have an idea for a donation drive or fundraiser, you can email us at savingpawsrescue@gmail.com

When can I schedule my volunteer orientation?

The SPRAZ volunteer coordinator will contact you and go over the options for scheduling your volunteer orientation. You can expect to be there 1 –1 ½ hours to complete the training, tour and sign your paperwork. We offer one volunteer orientation (generally the 1st Saturday of each month) and one evening orientation. Space is limited to three volunteers maximum per session. Shadow visits after completing orientation must be completed within 30 days of orientation.

What should I wear for my first shift?

SPRAZ is focused on the safety of all volunteers and the dogs. Sturdy and comfortable shoes are required (no sandals or flip flops if you are working with the dogs). Clothing must be appropriate for working with dogs. SPRAZ often has visitors by donors, so all volunteers are encouraged to wear appropriate clothing.

What should I bring to orientation?

SPRAZ would like you to print, review and sign the following documents prior to your orientation: