Love For Life Program – Jefke

Jefke the Belgian Malinois
Jefke the Belgian Malinois
Jefke the Belgian Malinois

I’m an available Love For Life dog!

Jefke breaks my heart. Every single time I see him. He came to the rescue about 2 years ago. He is a middle-aged Belgian Malinois. He is one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever met. As much as we get him out of his kennel and play with him and walk him and cuddle him, he’s going stir-crazy. He needs an outlet. He needs a job. And he needs a family of his own to love. He is one of the best cuddlers in town.

He knows many commands in German. He is great on a walk. We haven’t even tapped into everything he knows. The other day I was playing outside in the yard with him. I threw his ball, but it was hot and he looked up at me and said with his eyes, “No way am I chasing that!” So as I retrieved the ball, he ran up behind me, pushed his nose between my knees, and healed with his head between my knees, looking up at me. We walked this way for about 25 feet, just like they do at the dog shows or during tactical training. “Wow,” I thought, “you are such a special dog.”

But Jefke keeps getting overlooked. He’s a high-energy, 5 or 6-year-old boy. He can be stubborn. He can be toy protective. And he can definitely be protective of his home. He went into a foster home once for several months and was a great boy. He loved his long runs with his mom. He was not destructive when left alone. But he wouldn’t let his dog sitter in to check on him when his mom was at work. As hard as she tried, there were just certain people he wouldn’t let in the house. So, he came back to the rescue. His physical needs are being met. He likes the volunteers. But this boy needs someone; I mean really NEEDS someone. Are you that someone to give him his chance? 

Because he’s been with the rescue so long, Jefke is in the Love For Life program, meaning we are looking for a forever foster home for him. All expenses will be covered by the rescue. If you lead an active lifestyle, spend a lot of time at home, enjoy mentally exercising your dog, and understand the breed, then Jefke is the perfect dog for you! Won’t you please give him the life he so deserves? If Jefke sounds like the partner for you, please fill out a foster application

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