Love For Life Program – Kooper

We can’t believe our little Kooper is still with us! She’s a very sweet, petite girl and has a little bit of everything in her, including GSD. Kooper is the perfect size for someone not wanting a large dog but a little of the GSD look. She does well with all the dogs she’s been introduced to so far and LOVES to play.

We’ve shared before about her struggles with Megaesophagus. Well, the good news is, we have that under control and hers is a pretty simple condition to manage. She gets fed in her Bailey chair once a day and has to remain there for just a few minutes. She has learned that her Bailey Chair means breakfast time, so she’s raring to go! In the morning she gets “slurry” which is a combination of low-fat canned food mixed with water. For her other meal, she is fed low-protein, low-fat “meatballs.”

She can be a little shy at first around strangers but quickly warms up once she gets to know you. We are not surprised as her x-rays show where she was shot with a BB gun! Although we haven’t had her around kids, we think she will do just fine.

SPR is dedicated to making sure that Kooper continues to thrive so she is the newest member of our Love For Life Program. What does this mean, you ask? Well it means that you and SPR will co-parent this little girl. SPR will provide her foster family with her Bailey Chair, her slurry, her meat balls and any other medications and supplies she needs. You just provide the loving, safe and quiet home and be willing to work cooperatively with SPR in her care until she adjusts to her new home environment.

If you’d like to bring this pocket shepherd mix into your home, please complete a foster application to start the process. We promise you won’t be sorry.