Love For Life Program – Willow

Willow has been with SPR since December 2015. She was rescued from a shelter in Nevada when she was a young pup. She is a Dutch shepherd and was very timid when she came to us. She went in to foster with Arne at that time. After 6 months she was adopted but returned after about 6 months due to a dog fight her adopters believe she started. No worries, because Arne took her back in to foster.

Willow loves hanging out with his dogs, lying on the grass, and is a pretty active girl who likes people, but not so much the felines. She likes her space and enjoys going to “her room” when she needs time away from everyone.

After a couple of years without an interested adopter coming forward, she will remain in her forever home with Arne and his family. She is happy and loved there!