Love For Life Program – Martin

Martin the German Shepherd Dog

Martin has been in his forever home since November 2017.

” I, Martin, want you to know a little of what my life is like now a days. My “dad” gets up about 5 am. I get real excited since I know that as soon as it gets light I will start walking around his legs, leaning against him. It will soon be walk time. I am so excited. Dad and I walk different routes for about 20 minutes twice each day. When we get home again I have my breakfast. During the day I just lay abound or go in and out. Then I try to attack the letter carrier. It’s great fun! Around 4 pm. Dad and I get to go for our walk again followed by my supper. About 8:30 I see my dad getting ready for bed. I follow him into his sleeping room. I go to bed on my bed too.  About 4 am. I get up and lay on the floor on his bedside so I can see him as soon as he wakes up. I love my mom and dad. They seem to love me too. Thanks for asking. I would love all of my SPR family to come see me sometime, please?”