Our future safe haven

A dream, a vision, a reality. A dream that SPR could someday save more lives. A vision of a place dogs in need could call their home. After over 1,700 lives saved, now the reality of a premier safe haven is near. In 2018, SPR received an amazing gift from a previous adopter: five acres of land. This land is the foundation of SPR’s future.

SPR plans to build a grand facility which will include a home that exudes a feeling of safety and warmth. Every dog that comes through the doors will know he or she is safe, loved and, most importantly, home. Many dogs who come to SPR have never had a place to call home. It is critically important to SPR that our dogs experience a true feeling of home for as long as they are with us. While some dogs find adoptive homes quickly, others are with SPR long-term, or even forever. At the new facility, long-term dogs will have a spacious enclosure and personal outdoor space. Given the size of the property, SPR will utilize a large outdoor play area which means more outdoor time for our dogs.

The plans include a one-acre dog park allowing great space to run, play, and enjoy life as dogs should. The facility will also include an agility course to promote physical and mental stimulation. The new facility will include a therapy pool for dogs with physical handicaps to enjoy therapy. Pool therapy is a crucial component of rehabilitation for many of our injured and physically impaired dogs. SPR’s healthy dogs can utilize the pool to cool down and burn extra energy.

The new facility will also have a separate senior home to comfortably accommodate those who will live their lives out in SPR care. The senior home will be cozy and set-up for specifically for senior living. Our seniors will have a happy place to call home while under the care of our loving volunteers.

In the past two years, SPR has been home to twelve moms-to-be. We have welcomed 93 puppies into the world and saved eight puppies without a mother. The plans include a separate maternity quarter for litters and expecting moms. It will provide a peaceful setting while moms wait to give birth and a safe and warm space for moms to care for their newborns with the help of SPR puppy nannies.

In addition to the plans to accommodate the needs of all our dogs, the sheer space will allow SPR to save more lives. The reality is SPR at times must turn away dogs in need due to a lack of space. SPR must always strike the excruciating balance between the number of dogs we can realistically accommodate and the reality that when we turn dogs away lives are lost. The new facility will double SPR’s capacity thereby significantly reducing that heartbreaking constraint.

How you can help

We are asking for your support in turning this dream into a reality. We know this year has not been easy, but times are never easy for the dogs we take-in. These living, breathing and wonderful souls need and deserve a place to call home. With your help, SPR can provide just that. You have been there for us when we asked for help with food. You have been there for us to help with medical cases when we were not sure how to cover the cost.  We now ask that you be a part of our future: building a wonderful facility that every dog who comes to SPR can call home.

Your support will go even further this year as SPR has a very generous matching challenge. The first $100,000.00 donated will be matched. That means your donation will be doubled, allowing SPR to achieve this amazing reality that much quicker.

Check with your employer for additional matching opportunities as many companies offer employee donation matching programs.

Donations can be made via the PayPal button below or by mailing a check to Saving Paws Rescue Arizona, PO Box 87148, Phoenix, Arizona 85080.

We are endlessly thankful for your continued support!