Our future home – The Ranch

A dream, a vision, a reality. A dream that SPR could someday save more lives. A vision of a place dogs in need could call their home. After over 2,500 lives saved and construction underway, the dream is real to every volunteer that walks the property and sees beyond the construction and sees a safe haven for our dog. In 2018, SPR received an amazing gift from a previous adopter: five+ acres of land and modular home and startup funding for The Ranch. This land is the foundation of SPR’s future.

The Ranch is underway and with each step, we get closer to the day when dogs will be entering their new home.   Every dog that comes through the doors will know he or she is safe, loved and, most importantly, home. Many dogs who come to SPR have never had a place to call home. It is critically important to SPR that our dogs experience a true feeling of home for as long as they are with us. While some dogs find adoptive homes quickly, others are with SPR long-term, or even forever. At The Ranch, the long-term dogs will have a spacious enclosures and personal outdoor space. Volunteers with have multiple yards and exercise areas to spread out and have 1:1 time with the dogs.


The Ranch was designed with cost efficiency, function, and safety as a priority. The design was focused on making the operating costs as efficient as possible. Less money spent on AC equals more money for dogs and their care.  Careful planning went into the drainage design so that cleaning is easy and effective for volunteers. The building is designed with special block that will keep the dogs areas cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Exterior walls will provide a safe barrier not only to protect our dogs from getting out, but to give a respectful barrier for our neighbors.


The property includes a 1/2-acre dog park that gives the dogs and volunteers a great space to run, play, and enjoy life as dogs should.  The dog park has already been put in place and initial landscaping has been installed.  The dog part will offer supporters an additional way to support the rescue while honoring the memory of a loved one lost.  A large memorial tree has already been planted to honor the memory of our property benefactor who passed away in 2022.

The plans call for an agility course to promote physical and mental stimulation. The new facility will include a therapy pool for dogs with physical handicaps to enjoy therapy right at the center.  With therapy more easily accessible, dogs’ rehabilitation will improve and be more cost efficient for us.  Pool therapy is a crucial component of rehabilitation for many of our injured and physically impaired dogs. SPR’s healthy dogs can utilize the pool to cool down and burn extra energy.  Additional exercise yards will be spaced all over the property allowing for quiet space for a dog and a volunteer to have a training session, play ball or just sit and snuggle.


SPR has been home to many moms-to-be, moms with puppies and even dads with puppies. The plans include a separate maternity “ward” for litters and expecting moms. It will provide a peaceful setting while moms wait to give birth and a safe and warm space for moms to care for their newborns with the help of SPR puppy nannies.  Our puppy nanny program has been very successful.  Nanny volunteers are trained specifically on how to care for pregnant moms, assist when puppies are born and caring for the puppies as they age and prepare for adoptive homes.  There is no longer a time of year when it’s “puppy season”.  The call to help moms and puppies is a year-round need, so our dedicated nursey will always be full.


We are asking for your support in finishing our dream. We know this year has not been easy, but times are never easy for the dogs we take-in. These living, breathing and wonderful souls need and deserve a place to call home. With your help, SPR can provide just that. You have been there for us when we asked for help with food. You have been there for us to help with medical cases when we were not sure how to cover the cost.  We are asking that you continue to join us on this journey.  Our single biggest need is money for our construction fund, but we also want to hear from you if you have ideas or the ability to donate in kind – such as professional trade skills or building & construction supplies.

Donations can be made via the PayPal button below or by mailing a check to Saving Paws Rescue Arizona, PO Box 87148, Phoenix, Arizona 85080.